"nothing to do in Port Royal..."Edit a common statement made between cruisers about one of the quietest anchorages on Roatan. For those willing to venture off the beaten track.

Hi, Beau Soleil here. I spent 6 months in Port Royal so I speak with experience. It is a great place for some. There are really two types of cruisers, those who like to eat out every night and walk the busy streets of a resort town------a place like west end; and those who are happy with their own company, eating and drinking with their friends on their own boat, exploring without having to avoid the mad rush of cruise ship passengers. If you are one of the latter, Port Royal is for you. The lures? Sunken treasure waiting to be found, pirate forts, cannons, and cannon balls under the overgrown brush, pristine reefs, wrecks, a few hardy souls hanging on to the edge of mountains in stand alone houses-- with only solar panels, wind generators, composting toilets and gardens to remind them that this isn't the 17th century and that the rare yacht that looms over the horizon isn't a returning pirate flying the jolly roger. Do you want an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life? Don't bypass Port Royal.


Dive bouys outside the reef


Blue Hole
Wreck off Fort George


Camp Bay road to Camp Bay

Visit La Sirena on the North side almost at the bitter end of the road to the east. Food and beverages in a very picturesque and tranquil setting in an over-the-water palapa. Phone Jimmy ahead to tell him you're coming and they'll have the food hot. 3320-6004