Diesel Mechanics - Frank Lee lives on the east shore about halfway up Calabash Bight. Just dinghy over there and ask around. Speaks fluent English. Can repair and rebuild diesels, transmissions. Does not do alternator repairs but will take it down islad to get it fixed. Get a quote from him but a fair rate would be $100 for a day's work.

Edward Dilbert - also in Calabash Bight on east side. He has a homemade boat lift that can haul quite a large boat and usually there are several boats around the place. He recognized by the locals at being better at electrical repairs than the other mechanics around

Outboard Mechanic - Luven Cook 3310-3817 is an excellent outboard mechanic. Fluent in English. He knows where to get things fixed if he cannot do it himself. He also builds and paints fiberglass dive boats and skiffs and repairs diesel engines. He has a small boatyard on the east side of Oakridge Bight, on the little cay opposite Pandytown. Ask someone to show you.

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