Calabash Bight is located on the East end of Roatan. It extends 1.5 miles inland and is a quiet peacefull spot, not a "West End" by any means. There is a new Red Entrance marker buoy privately maintained as most here are then there is also a red-green pair of markers marking another reef cut inside of the bight itself. This Bight provides good weather protection in Northers that roll through during the winter/spring months. You can dinghy from Calabash Bight through mangrove channels to Fiddlers Bight and Pandy Town into Oak Ridge and also Jonesville/Hole In The Wall locations. All this without going outside the reef. Use the following GPS co-ordinates but please note that good light is still recommended for entry:

16 23.430 N 86 20.066 W Approach Outside (initial)

16 23.521 N 86 20.131 W Approx Red marker buoy (leave to starboard)

Lay a course of 320 Deg. Mag. and you will spot the next markers - a pair of red and green and stay in good water on this course.

16 23.743 N 86 20.295 W go between the red and green markers. This marks a cut through a coral patch and is about a 60 foot wide channel 9 to 12 feet deep.

16 23.893 N 86 20.374 W One of the anchorage spots (Thanks to Soggy Paws for this information, adjusted for new red marker buoy location)

Once inside you can anchor in several locations up and down the bight by eyeball navigation as water is clear enough to see bottom in shoal areas.

Be warned though the further up the Bight you go, the more remote it is, and also you are closer to the dirt road. This makes you more attractive to thieves. We usually tell people to go no further north than Turtlegrass (where the mini marina is).

Calabash Bight is a good hurricane hole. Many shrimp boats come here (they gather all together at the far north end of the Bight, so choose another spot if you come in here), also the Galaxy Ferry, when a hurricane threatens. There is room for a lot of boats tied into the mangroves here.


WiFi, "Mini Marina", Diesel and groceries are readily available in Oak Ridge just a couple of Bights over.

Turtlegrass, We are a cruising couple located in Calabash Bight, mid way inside on the west side on a point with a new dock and a CSY44 Captains Navy blue (hail on ch72 or phone 33 35 48 88). We have installed extra pilings to accomodate one catamaran up to 48' (30' wide slip) and three mono hulls up to 48' (20' wide slips) with up to a 9' keel, med moor style with individualy metered 30 amp power available. We also have the WiFi that you can receive in almost the entire bight. RO Water (drinking) will be available end of June 2009 when storage tanks and supply lines are run to the dock. I will also help import spare parts needed for repairs duty free since we hold a ZOLITUR certificate and "Yachts In Transit" have no special duty status here in Honduras. visit for more information and up to date progress reports.

Calabash is one of the premier hurricane holes in this part of the Caribbean. The inner harbor is deep, 20', right up to the mangroves where there is little but mangroves. This is a good thing as there is less to fly around in high winds. The expatriots living in the outer harbor are an interesting and friendly group.

Do not miss Calabash. This is a chance to see what Roatan must have looked like during the pirate era.

Beau Soleil